Monday, 20 April 2009

Their Crisis! Not Ours! Day of action Weds 22nd April

They’ve bailed out the bankers who started the crisis - but millions of working people across the country are paying with their jobs, pay packets and their homes.

On Wednesday 22nd April, you will finally have your chance to ask the Government: ‘Where’s Our Bailout?’. As the Chancellor delivers the Government’s annual Budget, come and protest in front of the world’s cameras.

Alistair Darling will announce unprecedented cuts in public services. The recession is being used as a convenient marker in the drive to dismantle public services further.

All of the major trade unions, including UCU, will be represented on the day. As educationalists we must keep flagging up how the market is distorting, and will continue to distort, the purpose of education. Support the action if you can, if not spread the word to friends and colleagues.

For more info see Their Crisis! Not Ours! website.

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