Monday, 4 May 2009

Ballot opens at 3 IOU colleges – send your messages of support

Members at City College Birmingham, Leeds College of Art and Design and Suffolk New College began voting on whether to take strike action this week in the latest phase of the IOU campaign. Management at all three colleges have failed to implement the 2004 national pay agreement which improved FE lecturers' pay.

UCU has targeted around 20 colleges in the last six months and all but a handful are now in negotiations or have reached settlements. These may look like local campaigns but in reality this is a national campaign about our ability to hold employers to national agreements. That's why it's so important that these members get our support.

Please send messages of support to the branches via Jonathan white at

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  1. To all UCU members at Leeds College of Art and design.

    Best wishes in your ballot and campaign to try and get the College to honour the nationally agreed pay rates.

    You deserve decent pay and to win your fight.


    Jon Bryan
    Outgoing NEC member, North East (FE)

  2. Best of luck with your campaign.

  3. To all UCU members at Leeds College of Art and design.
    Your UCU brothers and sisters at Doncaster College send best wishes in your ballot and campaign. Education should be run as a public service, not as a money making scam.
    Equal Pay for Equal Work.
    Rodney Challis. For and on behalf of UCU Doncaster Branch.


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