Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Online petition: Leeds College of Art should Pay Up

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We, the undersigned believe that Leeds College of Art plays a vital role in our community, offering access to education and hope for learners of all ages and all backgrounds. This role is even more important during the current economic recession. We are deeply concerned that for more than four years, our college has got away with refusing to pay its lecturers the nationally agreed rate for their job. This has demoralised and demotivated staff and undermined the provision of high quality education in our community. We call on Leeds College to pay staff the money they are owed.


  1. It's very demoralising - not forward thinking and shows no regard for teaching, learning and quality. Tricia.

  2. Dearne Valley College UCU branch members fully support you in your struggle.

  3. Best wishes to my former colleagues at LCAD with the IOU Campaign.

  4. UCU Branch members all in full support!!!!

  5. Good luck! When will they learn that us lecturers are the best resource????

    Dave Clapham


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