Wednesday, 16 February 2011

IfL fees

The UCU has condemned the IFL's decision to raise its fee to £68 which is as a result of the government's decision to cease paying the previous £30 membership fee. This means that most UCU members will now be paying the full, increased costs of IFL membership for the first time.

It seems extraordinary that at a time when the government is abolishing England's General Teaching Council for school teachers, further education is going in the opposite direction with the cost of regulation seemingly to be paid for lock, stock and barrel from the pockets of teaching staff. The union has written to the minister to raise this issue and seek an urgent meeting. The Further Education Committee will agree a strategy this Friday to put maximum pressure on government, employers and IfL itself to ensure the reversal of this iniquitous decision.

In the meantime please show your support by signing UCU's IfL petition and encouraging others to do the same here:

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