Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Roles within the Branch

Current Roles
Richard Miles: Branch Secretary
Christian Lloyd: Branch Chair
Cari Morton: Representative for Vernon St & Rossington St
Garry Barker: Health & Safety Officer

Following the Branch AGM the following posts were discussed:

Equality Officer
Supporting and addressing issues ethnicity, disability, gender & sexuality within the work place.
This role could be filled by more than one person. Training is available for this role.

Staff Consultative Committee Representative
UCU has a representative on this committee that aims 'to improve communication between staff and management; to provide a forum for management or staff to raise topics on which they would like to initiate change and consider issues of mutual concern; to consider policies in draft format and advise on the same'. While management driven this is a useful opportunity to put members' issues onto the Agenda. Janine Sykes has expressed an interest but this role can be shared if anybody else wants to get involved?

Health & Safety Officer
Currently we have one health and safety office but the opportunity to have more to cover the diverse range of workshops we operate in. The role is to engage with the college's H+S committee, identify and raise H+S concerns and generally promote good working practice. Training is available for this role.

Currently this a small role and can be added to existing Branch Officers responsibilites.

Membership/recruitment Officer
Currently this is covered by existing branch officers but as the branch continues to grow could be seen as a separate role.

Please can you let me know if you're interested in any of these roles or want to discuss them further.


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