Thursday, 8 January 2009


Welcome to Leeds College of Art & Design (LCAD)'s University & College Union (UCU) branch blog. This site has been established to enable open discussions between an expanding membership and to bridge the gap between our various buildings. We hope that through our contributions we can establish our ongoing agenda and raise the profile of the Branch for the rest of the staff at the college.

For many members this may be their first experience of using a weblog or 'blogging' but don't panic, help is at hand both online and within the Branch (talk to Christian for one-to-one help). Over the next few weeks we will start to develop help pages to support everyone, but in the meantime, check the site regularly for new content, consider your own contributions and if you are feeling confident, log on and have a go at posting something yourselves.

Anonymity might be a concern for some members, consequently there is one global log on for all of us, the password has been circulated via email. If you are happy to put your name to any contributions then please do so.

Happy Blogging
Christian Lloyd

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