Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Corporate Aims

It’s good to see that both LCADUCU and Management want the same thing in “applying consistent recruitment procedures for promotions.” (Corporate Aims & Objectives 2008 – 2013, Theme 3: Valuing Staff) However, where we differ is seeing staffing as an integral part of the college. Management by contract want to “to employ the College’s cash reserves to invest in buildings, facilities and equipment that will further improve the students and staff working and social environments.” (Corporate Aims & Objectives 2008 – 2013, Theme 6: Making the best use of funding available for the benefit of students). No mention of investing in staff, so, while they want to “attract, retain and further develop high quality academic and support staff with the necessary qualifications and experience to succeed in their roles” they’re not prepared to pay for it.

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