Tuesday, 10 March 2009

IOU - No more teaching on the cheap Campaign

As you are no doubt aware, despite the recent union won 3.2% salary increase, wage levels at LCAD still fall behind most other institutions in the FE sector. Despite recent meetings between LCAD UCU and management, there is still little or no sign of moves to redress this imbalance.

2004 saw the arrival of a nationally agreed 8-point pay scale (£22,857 – 34,587 with automatic annual increment), which was to be implemented across the sector. Initial implementation was slow but now well over 50% of the sector operates to this harmonised pay spine. LCAD has not implemented this pay spine and seems to be reticent to do so.

This situation is deeply infuriating and because of this LCAD UCU is considering joining the 2nd wave of UCU’s National I.O.U. campaign which aims to force harmonisation in institutions that have yet to make serious moves towards it. See link -

Please get in touch with Branch Reps to express your interest in involving LCAD with this national campaign

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